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Publikationsliste Professor Dr. med. Alexander Katzer

Cobalt deposition in mineralized bone tissue after metal-on-metal hip resurfacing: Quantitative l-X-ray-fluorescence analysis of implant material incorporation in periprosthetic tissue

Morselized bone grafting in revision arthroplasty of the knee: A retrospective analysis of 34 reconstructions after 2-9 years

Allocation of nonbirefringent wear debris: Darkfield illumination associated with PIXE microanalysis reveals cobalt deposition in mineralized bone matrix adjacent to CoCr implants

Cement mantle defects in total hip arthroplasty: influence of stem size and cementing technique

Single-stage revision of peri-prosthetic infection following total elbow replacement

Severe cobalt poisoning with loss of sight after ceramic-metal pairing in a hip—a case report

2-Jahresergebnisse nach Schulterwechseloperationen unter Verwendung inverser Implantate

Onestage exchange shoulder arthroplasty for peri-prosthetic infection

Is “Aseptic” Loosening of the Prosthetic Cup after Total Hip Replacement Due to Nonculturable Bacterial Pathogens in Patients with Low-Grade Infection?

Two-Year Results After Exchange Shoulder Arthroplasty Using Inverse Implants