Periradicular Therapy

For treatment of chronic pain

Periradicular therapy (PRT) is a very effective, minimally invasive method of treatment for chronic pain caused by degenerative conditions in the spine or by fresh slipped discs, especially in the cervical and lumbar sections of the spine.

With the patient under local anaesthesia, a fine needle is inserted into the spine and medication is applied directly to the irritated nerve root. The aim is to achieve long-term relief from pain caused by the damaged nerve root so that an operation can be avoided.

The treatment is especially effective when PRT is performed with injection of cortisone under CT-guidance.
However, most statutory health insurances no longer cover the cost of this treatment or do so only if the patient submits a prior request.
For PRT treatment of the cervical spine we charge 87,57 Euros per injection. PRT of the lumbar spine costs 110,65 Euros per injection.

Payment of the costs for computer tomography (CT) is to be made direct to the radiology practice.

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