Orthoclinic Hamburg

Development of a testing method for the determination of interfacial micromotions of short-stemmed hip endoprosthesis

With the C.F.P./T.O.P hip system it is possible to achieve good mid-term results for a wide range of indications. The rates of complication (3%) and revision (1%) are low, while patient satisfaction and the survival rate of the implant (99,5%) are high. The versatility of this prosthesis system makes a useful contribution to reducing the burden on logistic and economic resources.

Other advantages are the uncomplicated implantation technique, the straightforward instrumentarium and the shallow learning curve. The inherent risk of leg lengthening due to preservation of the femoral neck can be counteracted by detailed preoperative planning. In comparison with the standard posterior approach the posterior minimally invasive (MIS) approach does not offer any reproducible functional advantages.