Conservative Therapy

Injuries, wear and tear or blocks can result in unpleasant pain and impaired function. In the ORTHOCLINIC HAMBURG we take your suffering seriously and develop a treatment strategy specifically adapted to your individual condition.
In a detailed consultation we investigate the causes of the patient's condition. Gentle diagnostic procedures with low-radiation X-ray and radiation-free ultrasound units supply more facts so that we can select the appropriate treatment.

The conservative (non-surgical) therapies offered in our practice include classical methods such as medication, heat treatments, electrotherapeutics and chirotherapy as well as complementary methods such as acupuncture, shockwave therapy, special pain therapy injections (PRT), cartilage protection therapy (injection of hyaluronic acid) and kinesiology taping.

Many orthopaedic problems become evident at an early stage. We therefore offer various early-diagnosis methods, ranging from ultrasound examination of infants' hips to bone density measurement, foot pressure measurements (pedobarography), rheumatic factor tests and determination of cartilage degradation markers.